Alberta, Canada

Canada’s 4th most populated province, home to a vast range of terrain and an incredible range of activities.

The scale of Canada can be hard for visitors from smaller countries to imagine but Alberta covers 660,000 square Kilometers (250,000 square miles) and is located next to Canada’s most Western Province British Columbia and above the American state of Montana.

Alberta is most famous and popular with traveler’s for the narrow band that follow the Canadian Rockies Mountain’s north from Waterton to Jasper, Mt Robson and beyond.

Who should visit?

Anyone that loves stunning mountain scenery should visit Alberta. The peaks of the Canadian Rockies are not the tallest of the Rockies but they are arguably the most impressive due to their stark and steep walls that are often capped by year around snow and glaciers.

Whether you love multi-day backcountry adventures or simply want to drive through some of the most impressive scenery in North America it’s worth the trip.

What to do?

On the adventure side, Alberta is home to incredible opportunities in rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, backpacking, mountain biking, and a variety of snow sports both of groomed resorts and in off-piste backcountry touring.

When to visit?

You can visit Alberta any time of year but activities are limited to what the weather allows. Winter visitors will experience amazing ice climbing, great skiing, snowshoeing and more, but if you’re from a warm climate then be prepared for temps in mid winter that can frequently dip to -35 Celsius. (-31 Fahrenheit).

Full summer is short (June to August) but intensely beautiful.

How to get to Alberta:

Most international visitors fly into Calgary as it’s the closest major centre to Banff, Waterton and all the more popular areas.

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