Kailas Mutant 45L Backpack

Kailas Mutant 45L Pack Review

Mountain Moxie tests the Mutant 45L, a pack that supposedly adapts to all aspects of alpinism: from a quick ski tour to long mixed climbs. Find out if it lives up to the task! Product Overview: Kailas is a relatively unknown brand in North America, but has recently been winning ISPO awards for their innovative […]

What gear does a top climbing photographer use?

Tim Banfield is one of Canada’s leading climbing photographers. His images have graced dozens of magazine covers, hundreds of articles and probably thousands of social media posts. He is frequently asked what gear he uses when shooting ice climbing and climbing so he put together the following article. Thanks to Tim for addressing all the […]

Climbing Destinations: Washington Pass, USA

While living in Penticton, B.C., Petrouchka Steiner-Grierson wrote a quick destination article about Washington Pass. Despite living in Canada, their most visited out-of-town crag is actually in the States! Turns out that it’s quicker to drive down through the U.S. border and into Washington than to drive up to Revelstoke. Plus, it’s always raining in Revelstoke, and who likes rock climbing in the rain?

Tick Safety

Spring in the Canadian Rockies is a time of movement – bears leave their dens, robins, and other migratory birds appear, and crocuses burst through the softening soil.  After months of roaming through the mountains, constrained by layers of fleece, down, goggles and helmets, some restless humans are tempted to throw off winter clothes, put […]

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