G3 Synapse Carbon Ski Review

Review: G3 Synapse Carbon Ski

Looking for a lightweight multi-purpose touring ski? 

Let me tell you about my experience with the G3 Synapse Carbon Skis.

First off, the vital stats:

Manufacturer:  G3
Weblink: G3 Website
MSRP: $899.95
Weight: 1310g (175 cm)
Dimensions: 131-101-118


  • Free-Rider Rocker Tip
  • Stealth Tail
  • Slight camber underfoot
  • Ultralight Performance Touring

Version tested:  165 CM 101 Women’s

My thoughts:

Make your friends envious, have more energy left at the summit, and carry them on snowless approaches with ease!  These babies are as light as can be while still having the surface area to handle the deep stuff on the way down.

Gen returning from Andromeda

Gen returning from Andromeda and appreciating the light load on the 2 km walk out. Photo Vern Dewit

The slight camber underfoot allows for better edge control on the hard stuff and greater skin surface contact for those icy up-tracks. The early rise and set back widest part of the tip make this ski maneuver more like a ski 5 cm shorter while giving you a whole lot of float. I find than this enables me to be more aggressive in my stance. I can lean forward even in powder for more control, instead of staying in the back seat. The Stealth Tail makes for smooth turns without getting that last second snag on the crud.

Skinning up Athabasca Glacier ramp, Snowdome in the background.

Skinning up Athabasca Glacier ramp, Snowdome in the background. Photo: Vern Dewit

My experience:

Iʼve been using the G3 Synapse Carbon 101W since Santa dropped them off in late December, and have been loving them! Iʼve used them in the backcountry, on the glaciers, and at the hill. I rode them in powder, on groomers, boilerplate, crud, slush and isothermal snow, on bare ice, and pine needle laced mashed potatoes!

Although I may not be the most graceful skier when the conditions get really difficult, Iʼm definitely better off with the G3 Synapse Carbon 101W than any of the narrower skis of similar weight I was using in the past.

Gen and partners bootpacking to the summit of Andromeda

Gen and partners boot-packing to regain the Schiesser-Lomas route, several kilometers above Sherbrooke Lake, toward the end of their one day Wapta Traverse. Photo: Robert Maiman


If you can only afford one pair of skis to do it all, and if weight saving is at the top of your priority list, but still donʼt want to compromise downhill performance, then this is the ski you want!

Note: My skis are mounted with G3 Ion bindings, and skins are G3 Alpinist Climbing skins.
G3 did not provide me with this product free of charge. I like to buy Canadian when I can, and am just genuinely pleased with my G3 purchase!

G3 Carbon Synapse 101W

Photo:  G3 Product shot

Thanks to Vern Dewit for the photos.  For more great mountain imagery check out his website.

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